As Sister Dolores in GIRL GANG:  

Show Business Weekly:
  "Dan E. Campbell is realistically endearing as Sister Dolores, the sexually frustrated yet sweet nun."  

 "Dan E. Campbell is downright scary as a conflicted nun."
  "...played with the utmost sincerity by Dan E. Campbell."  

LA Weekly:

Backstage West:

Tolucan Times:
 "A riot!" 


Wichita Eagle:
"Taking 11 characters each are Dan E. Campbell, a local actor who carved out a successful career on both coasts in stage, TV, movies and commercials for three decades before moving back this year, and longtime local favorite Scott Noah, co-founder of Mosley Street Melodrama. Their anchor characters are Arles and Thurston, two smug DJs on local Radio OKKK, who discuss all the gossipy goings on live on air – when they can remember to turn the microphone on.  Campbell, who has performed “Tuna” and a couple of its sequels numerous times in other venues, brings charming folksiness as well as satirical bite to such characters as a loving but constantly nagging mom trying to cope with three problem kids, a crotchety old lady with a vendetta against egg-sucking dogs (and a secret love life), and an anti-porn crusading preacher who never met a cliche he didn’t like (and overuse hilariously)."

As Herr Schultz in CABARET:

Winfield Courier:
"Dan E. Campbell is almost luminous."

Wichita Eagle:
"Patty Reeder and Dan E. Campbell play a middle-aged couple — he’s Jewish, she’s not — whose romance is doomed by the rise of Nazi anti-Semitism. Reeder has a warm, mature voice that lends poignancy to “What Would You Do?” And Campbell gives a gentle sweetness to his forbidden wish to be “Married.” Both are charmingly fun in their romantic duet “It Couldn’t Please Me More (The Pineapple Song).”

 As Sheridan Whiteside in THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER:

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 Winfield Courier:
"Dan E. Campbell's Sheridan Whiteside goes from roaring to mellifluous, scheming to caring in a heartbeat. This is a challenging role since it has to be done seated most of the time, and Campbell makes the most of it. When he encounters the wistful Stanley children Whiteside seems an altogether different character from his famous persona."


Winfield Courier:
"Dan E. Campbell and Roger Moon were in rare form for the celebration of Independence Day in the third smallest city in Texas. Dan had a wonderful entrance that could have been disastrous with falling backdrops, but he saved the moment and had everyone laughing and relaxed."


WTBN Entertainment:
"Dan E. Campbell’s Fezziwig is charming and quirky."

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The 28th Annual Razzies by Tom O'Neil for the Los Angeles Times:

...the campy stage act that opens the show would make Charles Busch and Joan Crawford proud. (Dan E. Campbell and Paula Einstein) don pink and black wigs, mucho makeup and too-tight suburban frocks to croon a parody of "Good Morning, Baltimore" from "Hairspray." The performance of "Good Morning, Razzie Day" was truly winning and the lyrics clever, promising a celebration of the "worst of last year" that will leave Hollywood "trembling with fear."