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New Contact Info

Hey all! My agent has moved and has a new phone number, so if you are here because you are trying to contact me and have an old number, the information on the Contact page is current. Thanks!



I just finished doing some voice over work on a film called "Murderess." Its story is based on a true crime from the 1930's where a woman named Winnie Ruth Judd murdered two friends of hers, chopped them up, put them in her luggage trunks and took a train to California with them. And best of all, the whole story is told using vintage marionettes!  Check out the trailer at http://www.kookooboy.com/murderess. It is really cool!


Razzie Wrap-Up

The 27th Golden Raspberry Awards are now for the record books, but the memory lingers on. We got some good coverage this year and the opening number (which missed getting podcast) has been partially preserved on You Tube. To watch that or check out the other video coverage we got you can use the links I have listed below. Once I get pictures gathered from all the various sources I'll also be adding some stills to the Photos page of this site. Thanks for your support and interest everyone!
The entire Podcast (sans opening number):
You Tube Opening Number:
MSNBC Video:
Skynews-Clips Razzies
AP Video:
AP Video

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